days until the big day: 0!
the ladies
Kathleen Hou (Maid of Honor)
Kathleen was Jen’s first friend in middle school. The two girls met in Mrs. Pomerantz’s first period Verbal class.  She was there for Jen when she was a crying 6th grader, and has shared in many a (disastrous) baking adventure with her. 
Katharine Ho (Maid of Honor)
Kathy rounds out the trio of best friends from East Brunswick.  She has always been one for “unique” conversation and provided the entertainment at sleepovers while growing up.  Kathy has kept Jen cultured by making her watch foreign language films in junior high.
Stephanie Wu
Steph and Jen met freshman year at Carnegie Mellon.  They bonded over the big crushes they had on two freshman guys (which they promptly got over), as well as Nutella and white bread.  Steph was there from the beginning of the “Jen-Jon” saga and has lived through most of Jen’s moments (both embarrassing and not) from college. Steph was a fellow soprano Soundbyte.
Christa Robinson
Christa has been Jon’s younger sister since, well, she was born.  From the first time she met Jen she treated her like a sister (and now she’ll be stuck with her).  She dances a million times better than both Jen and Jon.
Cara Lee
Cara also hails from the great town of East Brunswick.  She’s helped keep Jen in shape by playing tennis and eating diner desserts at 1AM.  Cara makes sure that Jen keeps up with her social life.
the guys
Eric Montgomery (Best Man)
Eric and Jon have known each other since middle school when Eric showed up as the "new kid" in band and showed everyone up on trumpet. They have shared many experiences together and will continue to - both of them are getting married this year.
Dave Fries
Dave introduced Jen and Jon and was Jon's roommate throughout most of college. Dave has kept Jon entertained with his great skill at composing and playing the ukelele. He has been one of Jen's and Jon's closest friends. Dave was also a fellow Soundbyte.
Joe Calamia
Joe and Jon grew up across the street from each other and have known each other since Joe was born (or at least since they were conscious of each other). They have been best friends ever since.
Tim Wolfe
Tim and Jon met in elementary school and have shared many interests including music and soccer. Tim was always up for hanging out well into the middle of the night.

Tim Renshaw
Tim and Jon were both known as techies at CMU. Both of them share a love of Penn State football and have made several treks through the middle of Pennsylvania to attend games in State College. Jen and Tim bond over baked goods.