days until the big day: 0!

: September 2002 (Sophomore year)
location: Carnegie Mellon University
note: Much thanks for getting us together goes to Dave Fries (Mistah Freeze).

the first meeting
The first time Jen and Jon met was on the tennis courts at Carnegie Mellon.  Jen loved playing tennis, so when her new friend Dave invited her to join his group of friends for an afternoon on the courts, she was excited.  She got even more excited when one of the people in Dave’s group was a cute guy in cool sunglasses that looked like he played soccer (Jen loved soccer guys).  They didn’t talk much, but Jen (being the huge flirt she is) offered up a brief tennis lesson when she discovered Jon’s tennis skills were slightly, um, nonexistent.  Nothing much happened that day, but their next encounter would be the first of many special ones.

dinner & a movie
About one week later, Dave invited Jen to a group lasagna night at Mudge House.  She didn’t really know anyone else, so she took her best friend Steph and a plate of homemade bruschetta along for company.  At dinner, Jen and Jon found themselves sitting next to each other at the head of the table.  Jon became smitten with the bruschetta (and Jen).  Steph and Jen briefly ran off after dinner and caught up with everyone at the $1 movie in the University Center, which was playing Spiderman.  Jon was waiting with two tickets for Steph and Jen, which was just the first sign of his sweet character.  The two girls chatted together while waiting in line, and at one point Jon decided to break off from his group of friends and join the ladies, telling them he “decided to be social.”  If anyone knew Jon back then, they would be immediately suspicious, because it was unusual for him to be the first to mingle with strangers. 

Everyone went into the theater and saved seats for people.  At first, Jon and Jen were several seats apart.  Before the movie started, however, Jon found a way to sit next to Jen.  The two of them felt chemistry even just sitting together.  After the movie, Jen got Jon’s screen name and they did a day or two of IM flirting.  Jon walked Jen home a few nights and the relationship came together almost immediately.  He officially asked her out in front of Doherty Apartments (her building) late on September 12th, 2002.  Their first date was in Station Square at The Cheese Cellar, and they have been inseparable ever since.