days until the big day: 0!

Jen and Jon had been dating for over three years when they seriously started talking about getting engaged. So after awhile they went looking for rings and found a setting that Jen loved.  Jen, like any other girl, wanted it the second she knew Jon was holding it for her, but also wanted to be surprised. Jon wanted to ask Jen in Pittsburgh since that is where they met, but Jon needed a good reason since Jen is pretty hard to surprise.  Jon’s sister, Christa, just happened to be turning 21 in June and just happened to be in Pittsburgh for the summer. So Jon and Christa made some plans and Jen was "asked" if she wanted to go to Pittsburgh for Christa's birthday.

As Jen and Jon were getting ready to go to Pittsburgh, Jen started asking some questions that suggested she might have an idea of what was going on (which really worried Jon). So Jon made sure that Christa went everywhere with Jen and himself. On Friday, they went to the Church Brew Works for dinner and SingSing (a dueling piano bar).  On Saturday, they went to the Warhol Museum, Phipps Conservatory (one of Jen and Jon’s favorite places), and walked around Carnegie Mellon's campus. The plan for Saturday evening was to go to Georgetown Inn up on Mount Washington to celebrate Christa's birthday. Georgetown Inn was one of Jen's and Jon's favorite restaurants in Pittsburgh (hmmm...and the plot thickens) and had a beautiful view of the city.

After dinner, Christa said that she "wasn't feeling well" and would meet Jen and Jon out on the overlook by the incline. Jen was quite worried about Christa as they walked to the incline, but Jon didn’t seem a bit concerned (apparently his little sister was an accomplice…).  The two of them looked out at the view for a minute, and before Jen could guess what would happen, Jon fumbled into his pocket and pulled out the ring.  So nervous that he couldn’t kneel, Jon asked Jen to marry him.  If you couldn't guess it by now, Jen said yes.